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Main: 832-355-1000
International Patients: 832-355-3350

6720 Bertner Ave.
Houston, TX 77030
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Dialing Instructions
For international calls from Mexico: 001-95-800-010-1784
For international calls from all other countries, the country code is: 1


  Physician Referral Service:
(we can help you find a Doctor at St. Luke's)
832-355-DOCS (3627)
  Patient Room Information: 832-355-1000
  Arrhythmia Center: 832-355-3745
  Blood Center: 832-355-4483
  Call Center: 832-355-0000
  Cardiology: 832-355-8240
  Chaplain: 832-355-3258
  Childbirth Class (Lamaze): 832-355-3064
  Corporate Communications: 832-355-3242
  Corporate Wellness Programs: 713-442-5306
  Diabetes Support Group: 832-355-3964
  Emergency Center: 832-355-2121
  Employee Verification: 832-355-4385
  Endoscopy: 832-355-8001
  Executive Offices for the Hospital: 832-355-3360
  Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation: 832-355-8224
  Heart Failure Program: 832-355-3961
  Her Healthy Heart Center: 832-355-5500
  Independent Practice Association: 832-355-6911
  International Patient Center: 832-355-3350
  Job Line: 832-355-3489
  Laboratory: 832-355-8184
  Managed Care Services: 832-355-6856
  Media Relations: 832-355-3242
  Medical Records: 832-355-2077
  Non-Invasive Cardiology: 832-355-4138
  Nuclear Cardiology: 832-355-3733
  Nuclear Medicine General: 832-355-3126
  Nurse Recruitment: 832-355-7020
  Nursing Department: 832-355-6266
  Nutrition Clinic: 832-355-2013
  Nutrition Services: 832-355-2013
  Parking (Texas Medical Center): 713-791-6161
  Parking at St. Luke's (valet): 832-355-6496
  Patient Access Services: 832-355-3430
  Patient Account Information: 832-355-3081
  Patient Services: 832-355-4000

Philanthropy: 832-355-6822
  Physical Medicine & Rehab Services: 832-355-6281
  Radiology: 832-355-8120
  Same Day Surgery: 832-355-8078
  Social Services: 832-355-2217
  St. Luke's Texas Cancer Institute: 832-355-3490
  St. Luke's Urology Center: 832-355-2151
  TTY-TDD Line for the Hearing Impaired: 832-355-4750
  Volunteer Office: 832-355-2102
  Women's Services: 832-355-3064

“St. Luke’s Health System provides health care under its marks in all of the United States except Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming.”

Telephone Number 832-355-1000
Phone Number International
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