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Cardiology Education
Rotation Objectives

The Cardiology Fellowship Program is built around some key program objectives. 

Rotation objectives are listed below:

1. Younis, Feghali, Jain, and Younis: Clinical Cardiology, Clinical/Catheterization Service   PDF file(PDF)
2. Clinical Cardiology: Adult Congenital Heart Disease, Clinical Service   PDF file(PDF)
3. Peripheral Vascular Disease: Clinical/Catheterization Service   PDF file(PDF)
4. Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging   PDF file(PDF)
5. Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology – EP Hall & Garcia Service   PDF file(PDF)
6. Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology – EP Lopez & Cheng Service   PDF file(PDF)
7. Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology – EP Seger Service   PDF file(PDF)
8. Hall-Garcia Clinical-Cath (Strickman-Wilson-Navarijo-Stainback) Cardiology Rotation Curriculum  PDF file(PDF)
9. Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplantation, Clinical Cardiology Service   PDF file(PDF)
10. Hogan, Fish, Perin and Guttin: Clinical Cardiology, Clinical/Catheterization Service   PDF file(PDF)
11. HGCA Clinical Cardiology Consultation Service (Wilson/Kalife)   PDF file(PDF)
12. Clinical Cardiology, Kelsey Clinical/Catheterization Service   PDF file(PDF)
13. Clinical Cardiology, MCH Catheterization Service   PDF file(PDF)
14. Cardiology Consultants of Houston, L.L.P. Drs. Massin, Schnee, Benrey, Garcia, Mihalick: Clinical/Catheterization Service   PDF file(PDF)
15. Rotation Manual for Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology Fellow Rotation (1)   PDF file(PDF)
16. Rotation Manual for Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology Fellow Rotation (2)   PDF file(PDF)
17. Cardiology Specialist of Houston: Clinical/Catheterization Service   PDF file(PDF)
18. Echocardiolgraphy Rotation   PDF file(PDF)


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For more information about CHI St. Luke's Health–Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center Cardiology Education Programs, call Mary Jones at 832-355-6676.
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Information for Fellows

Download the following using the free Adobe Reader.

Fellowship Guidelines 2014-2015 PDF (PDF).

Rotation Schedule by Rotation for 2014-15 PDF (PDF).

Rotation Schedule by Fellow for 2014-15 PDF (PDF).

Call Schedule - February 2015 PDF(PDF).

Moonlighting Guidelines PDF (PDF).

Cardiology Fellows Pager List icon_pdf (PDF)