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Transplant Administration Team
OH-Frazier-MD_1  Chief, Transplant Service
O.H. Frazier, MD, FACS, FACC
John Goss  Associate Chief, Transplant Service
John Goss, MD
  Chief of the Division of Transplant & Assist Devices at Baylor College of Medicine
Hari R. Mallidi, MD, FRCSC

Rachel_Goldsmith  Director, Transplant Service Line and St. Luke's Center for Liver Disease
Rachel Goldsmith, MPA
  • 5 years transplant experience
Diesa Samp  Nurse Manager, Abdominal Transplant Programs
Diesa Samp, BSN, RN, CCTC
  • 9 years transplant experience
Macon Woodard  Nurse Manager, Cardiothoracic Transplant Programs
Macon Woodard, MS, RN
  • 7 years at St. Luke's Medical Center
  • 9 years transplant experience
Shameya Bell Assistant Nurse Manager for Performance Improvement
Shameya "Mia" Bell, RN, BSN
  • 3 years at St. Luke's Medical Center
  • 4 years transplant experience
Jennifer Martin  Business Development Manager
Jennifer M. Martin , BS
  • 7 years health education experience
  • 7 years healthcare experience
Becky Means Project Coordinator, Transplant Administration
Becky Means, BSID
  • 12 years at St. Luke's Medical Center
  • 12 years transplant experience
Seeta  Outreach Coordinator, Business Development
Seeta Brar
  • 9 years healthcare experience
Bethany Cruz  Outreach Coordinator, Business Development
Bethany Cruz, BS
  • 2 years health education experience
Yessenia Pico  Outreach Coordinator, Business Development
Yessenia Pico, MBA, BSHA
  • 8 years of healthcare expereince
Rebeka Elkins  Multi-Organ Triage LVN
Rebekah Elkins
  • 4 years LVN experience
Carrie-Arnold-BSN_1  Data Coordinator
Carrie Arnold, RN, BSN, CCTC
  • 23 years at St. Luke's Medical Center
  • 18 years transplant experience
Donna Nix  Administrative Assistant
Donna Nix, BA
  • 13 years at St. Luke's Medical Center
  • 6 years transplant experience
Veronica Ford  Transplant Administration Billing Specialist
Veronica Ford
  • 17 years healthcare experience