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th_wwwSt. Luke's is proud to announce a new service for patients and their families, called Families Connected. Families Connected provides wireless Internet access, and is available to all patients and their families shortly after being admitted.

Within two hours of admission, patients will be able to use their personal wireless-capable device -- a laptop PC or a PDA, for th_Wristbandexample -- to access the Internet.
Each patient will be given a six-character password that is printed directly on his or her armband (see armband graphic, left). Families and friends can also access the Internet in the hospital by acquiring that same password from the patient they are visiting.

Web content filters will be in place to restrict access to web sites that are not appropriate for a family-oriented hospital such as St. Luke's.

The new service has been introduced gradually throughout the hospital. Debbie Mathew, RN, a nurse manager in 23 Terrace, where Families Connected Families has been available since late 2006, says the service is essential and vital to St. Luke's patients and their families.

“The families and patients in our area are using this service a lot,” Mathew says. “I would say we have had about ten patients and families use it and they love it. Some of our patients feel like they have a 'piece of home' when they can e-mail family and friends from their bedside.”

Patients and their families can get more information by calling the Families Connected Information Line at 832-355-4678.

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