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For Health Professionals


I want to be a chaplain. Do I need CPE?

Yes. The Association of Professional Chaplains (www.professionalchaplains.org), the National Association of Catholic Chaplains (www.nacc.org), the National Association of Jewish Chaplains (www.najc.org), and other organizations certify chaplains. Some CPE is required as a pre-requisite. Interested individuals should contact these organizations about CPE requirements.

What are the essential elements of a CPE unit?

Elements of a CPE unit include:

  • Practice of ministry
  • Detailed reporting and evaluation of that practice
  • Pastoral supervision
  • Process conception of learning
  • Theoretical perspective on all program elements
  • Small peer group in a common learning experience
  • Specific time period
  • Individual contract for learning consistent with CPE objectives
  • CPE program conducted under the auspices of an ACPE-certified supervisor (faculty) attached to an ACPE-accredited CPE center

What is a typical day in the program?

Interns and residents begin with the departmental daily meeting. Mornings are usually spent in seminars; students typically visit their clinical divisions in the afternoons or on a designated day. All CPE students participate in an on-call rotation at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center. On-call students remain in the hospital overnight. Additional on-call information will be provided during your interview and orientation.

Who can enroll in Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center’s CPE program?

Individuals who demonstrate the ability to participate through the written application and admissions interview. Requirements include:
Education: Chaplaincy board certification requires an undergraduate degree and a graduate-level theological degree. Students entering residency must document progress toward this outcome.
Ordination or Endorsement: Chaplaincy board certification requires ordination or endorsement in a student’s faith tradition. Applicants must document progress toward this outcome.
Other commitments: Due to the program’s demands, residents and interns are discouraged from intense outside commitments.

Do you have openings for Supervisory Education?

No, not at this time. Several nearby centers offer Supervisory Education. For more information, visit www.acpe.edu.